If you're cleaning your facilities based solely on a routine schedule, you're not making the most of your staff's available time

Smart restroom products record statistical data for analysis to reveal patterns, trends, and associations relating to product and human behaviors. This increases efficiency and provides the best possible user experience.

"The introduction of Rapid's smart washroom equipment has significantly reduced the number of complaints received from passengers using our facilities, as ISS can remotely monitor the levels of consumable usage, this has enabled us to improve the customer washroom experience. We have also been able to deploy resources more effectively with the data we have from the different systems"

Blaise De Suza, ISS General Manager

Online Portal


When connected to the internet, our products can provide real-time data from your restrooms and present it via an intuitive user interface, giving you access to graphs and charts. Observe equipment usage throughout the day, week, month, or year and compare the data from one area, room, or dispenser with another.

Develop efficient cleaning schedules


By observing trends in restroom behavior, you can identify when your restrooms are at their busiest or quietest and deploy your cleaning teams in the most efficient manner.

Receive email alerts for consumables


Set automated email alerts to warn as consumables become low so you don't need to manually check.

Reduce lines and improve user experience


Spot busy locations in real-time and place ambassadors in key areas to guide your customers and assist with concerns.

Plan architectural changes


Identify how users interact with your restrooms. Make changes to the layout of rooms or plan for the future. Which toilets get used the most? Why does one soap system always run out before another? These are just a few questions that can be answered once you have accurate data.

Perform predictive maintenance, don't react


By planning maintenance through system use as opposed to routine, you can prevent equipment from breaking down in the first place, enabling you to minimize the number of out-of-action toilets and soap dispensers.

Customized solutions for your facility or industry


We can offer you the ability to add functionality and view data in different ways to suit your facility as it grows; overlay information from other data sources, compare attendance with restroom use, receive custom alerts, or integrate other IoT devices.

Internet security and feature upgrades


Through firmware updates, you can keep your product up-to-date with the latest features and security patches as they become available.