Redefining the way you manage your soap supply

The AUR2 Rapid Soap™ system is a revolutionary smart foam soap dispenser that reduces the amount of soap you use by up to 90% and associated plastic waste by 98%.

Providing up to 30,000 hand washes from a single container, your facilities team can rest assured your client will never be without soap.

Connect AUR2 Rapid Soap™ to the internet and it provides you with metrics related to your restroom such as frequency of use, consumables levels, and more.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, AUR2 Rapid Soap™ offers previously unattainable levels of reliability, with systems capable of millions of operations.



Conference/exhibition centers

Few restrooms are as busy as those within conference centers. AUR2 Rapid Soap™ can last months, even in the busiest locations, before replenishment, ensuring your customers always have soap.



AUR2 Rapid Soap™ is proven to improve restroom perception in education settings, which results in better treatment by children and less maintenance.


Transportation hubs

AUR2 Rapid Soap's™ extreme economy, plastic waste saving, and durability make it ideal for busy transportation hubs where reliability, cost-savings, and waste reduction are paramount. 



AUR2 Rapid Soap™ can last for up to 10 months before replenishment, even in the busiest shared office spaces. Hand washing metrics can be displayed within the restroom to encourage better hygiene practices and reduce workplace sickness.


Museums, libraries & monuments

AUR2 Rapid Soap™ is designed to compliment the aesthetics of your restroom without compromising on smart technology. AUR2 Rapid Soap™ provides a safer more improved user experience for customers visiting your attraction and ensures they never run out of soap.


cleaning schedules

Develop efficient cleaning schedules

Monitor restroom usage online to develop the most efficient cleaning schedule possible.


Perform predictive, not reactive maintenance

Products require maintenance through use, and not all sinks are used evenly. Monitor usage to perform predictive, not reactive maintenance.


Internet security and feature upgrades

Our products and cloud-based software achieve the highest level of security, making them safe for use even within high security locations such as airports.


Online Portal

No need for special software, operating system requirements, or annoying updates. Our cloud-based software works anywhere on any device and is constantly updating with new features.


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The last dispenser you'll ever need to buy

Manufactured in the UK and made entirely from marine grade stainless steel, the AUR2 Rapid Soap™ dispenser is corrosion resistant with no chrome plating or lacquer that can wear over time making it ideal for commercial locations.

An optional PVD coating is available, allowing you to style the product in a range of colors and forming an ultra-hard skin that is scratch resistant, even to metal scourers.

Built to last a lifetime, every aspect of the dispenser is removable and serviceable without needing to remove AUR2 Rapid Soap™ from the wall or counter, including our patent pending foaming mechanism located within.


Reduce your soap spend, associated waste and labout

AUR2 Rapid Soap™ dispensers are compatible with most foaming soaps. To maximize their potential, we’ve developed consumables and packaging that can reduce plastic waste by up to 98%.

Available in 5 & 10 Liter disposable, air sealed containers, AUR2 Rapid Soap™ can provide up to 33,000 hand washes before needing replenishment. Significantly reduce labor in high traffic locations.

AUR2 Rapid Soap™ packaging protects against bacteria, evaporation, and debris in the air; problems commonly associated with 'top up bottle' type soap systems.

Combined with our patent pending foaming unit, AUR2 Rapid Soap™ offers all the benefits of bulk soap storage while offering a clean hand washing experience.

Connect AUR2 Rapid Soap™ to the internet and it monitors consumables online and even predicts when they require replenishment, ensuring your customer never runs out of soap.


The smartest soap dispenser ever?

Connect AUR2 Rapid Soap™ to the internet and instantly convert any restroom into a smart restroom. Provide your facilities team with unique insights into restroom statistics allowing cleaning teams to identify where and when they are needed.

Monitor consumable levels, which sinks are favored by guests, when your restrooms are busiest, how many people wash their hands after flushing the toilet, and much more.

AUR2 Rapid Soap™ enables facilities management companies to distribute staff more effectively with an aim to improve customer experiences, reduce complaints, increase efficiencies, and save time and money.

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AUR2 Rapid Soap™ pump unit and controller

At the heart of the AUR2 Rapid Soap™ system lies the pump unit; a highly reliable, small form factor pump & controller. It does not suffer with airlock and hose wear commonly associated with peristaltic pumps and can be retrofitted into virtually any restroom location.

Featuring an LCD display and microprocessor control, the AUR2 Rapid Soap™ pump unit provides an accurate and adjustable dose of luxurious foam soap with every hand wash, featuring anti-tamper settings, making it ideal for schools.

The AUR2 Rapid Soap™ pump unit can send and receive data via WiFi, GSM, and a host of other communication methods.

Installation to suit your restroom

AUR2 Rapid Soap™ can be retrofitted into wide range of restrooms.

Both wall and counter mounted variations are available and secured with a simple threaded stem and nut attachment. 


Wall mounted


Counter mounted


Battery powered

Inquire about AUR2 Rapid Soap


Power Supply 110 - 240 Vac / 50 - 60 Hz (UL Approved)
Operative Voltage 12 Vdc
Maximum Load  ≈ 7 W / 600 mA
Weight (not including reservoir) ≈ 1 kg
Working Temperature 5 - 55 °C 
Single Reservoir Capacity 5 L & 10 L
Chemical Dose Size Fully Adjustable - 0.35 min
Internet Connectivity Online device: Please contact for details
Data Collected Please contact for details
Data Analysis

Please contact for details


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