A freshly-cleaned toilet, with every flush

The AUR2 Rapid Blue™ system attaches to any toilet or urinal to provide a freshly cleaned appearance and fragrance with every flush.

It does so by injecting a precise amount of colored, biocidal chemistry into the flow of water, eliminating both the cause and sensation of odors, and masking stains.

Connect your AUR2 Rapid Blue™ system to the internet and it can provide you with metrics related to your restroom such as frequency of use and even how much toilet paper you have left.

Offer your clients the best possible restroom experience.



Conference/exhibition centers

Few toilets are as busy as those within exhibition centers. AUR2 Rapid Blue™ reduces the frequency of visits by the cleaner, providing the best possible restroom experience.



AUR2 Rapid Blue™ has been proven to improve restroom perception in education settings, which results in better treatment by children, less blockages, and odor reduction.


Transportation hubs

Reduce customer complaints, eradicate bad odors, and monitor toilet paper online to provide a world class visitor experience.



Don't let unpleasant odors and sights in the toilet detract from your customers visit. AUR2 Rapid Blue™ ensures every toilet looks and smells fresh.


Museums, libraries & monuments

Don't let unpleasant odors and sights in the toilet detract from your customers visit. AUR2 Rapid Blue™ ensures every toilet looks and smells fresh.


cleaning schedules

Develop efficient cleaning schedules

Monitor restroom usage online to develop the most efficient cleaning schedule possible.

Perform predictive, not reactive maintenance

Products require maintenance through use, and not all toilets are used evenly. Monitor usage to perform needs based maintenance as opposed to reactive maintenance.


Internet security and feature upgrades

Our products and cloud based software achieve the highest level of security, making them safe for use even within high security locations such as airports.


Online Portal

No need for special software, operating system requirements or annoying updates. Our cloud-based software works anywhere on any device and is constantly updating with new features.


Toilet paper monitoring

AUR2 Rapid Blue™ can monitor you toilet paper levels, ensuring your customer is never caught short and maximizing the efficiency of your cleaning team.



Unique cleaning chemical

AUR2 Rapid Blue™ chemistry features an environmentally friendly enzyme and limescale inhibitor to fight bacteria at the source and slow down the build-up of scale, both in the bowl and plumbing.

When injected into a toilet or urinal during the flush cycle, AUR2 Rapid Blue™ releases a pleasant fragrance to deodorize the room while a deep blue dye, combined with gentle foaming action, mask stains and provides the appearance of a freshly cleaned restroom.


Consumable reservoirs

AUR2 Rapid Blue™ dispensers are fed from dedicated reservoirs that can be customized to suit your environment.

Locations with the pipe chases can benefit from large, centralized reservoirs capable of feeding multiple systems simultaneously. Alternatively, for small and disabled access restrooms, individual containers can be installed discreetly to feed a single toilet.

Connected to the internet, reservoirs can be monitored online and even predict when replenishment is required, ensuring your customer always finds a freshly cleaned toilet.


Make your toilets & urinals smart

Connect AUR2 Rapid Blue™ to the internet and instantly convert your restroom into a smart restroom.

Provide your facilities team with unique insights into restroom statistics such as toilet paper levels, when your restrooms are busiest, how many people wash their hands after flushing the toilet, and much more. 

AUR2 Rapid Blue™ enables facilities management companies to distribute staff more effectively with an aim to improve customer experiences, reduce complaints, increase efficiencies, and save time and money.


AUR2 Rapid Blue™ pump unit and controller

At the heart of the AUR2 Rapid Blue™ system lies the pump unit; a highly reliable, small form factor pump & controller. It does not suffer with the airlocks and hose wear commonly associated with peristaltic pumps and can be retrofitted into virtually any restroom location.

Featuring an LCD display and microprocessor control, it provides an accurate dose of consumable with every flush and can send and receive data via WiFi, GSM, and a host of other communication methods.

Installation to suit your restroom

AUR2 Rapid Blue™ can be retrofitted into virtually any toilet, urinal, and location.

It is suitable for small disabled access toilets with visible plumbing or large airports with pipe chases and concealed plumbing.


Visible plumbing


Concealed plumbing



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Power Supply 110 - 240 Vac / 50 - 60 Hz (UL Approved)
Operative Voltage 12 Vdc
Maximum Load  ≈ 7 W / 600 mA
Weight (not including reservoir) ≈ 1 kg
Working Temperature 5 - 55 °C 
Single Reservoir Capacity 5 L
Multi-feed Reservoir Capacity 32 L
Chemical Dose Size Fully Adjustable
Internet Connectivity Online device: Please contact for details
Data Collected Please contact for details
Data Analysis

Please contact for details


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