The AUR2 Rapid Water™ system is a touch free, smart faucet that provides 24-hour protection from Legionella.

By monitoring water use and temperature, AUR2 Rapid Water™ can detect conditions suited to the development of Legionella and automatically flush the system and alert your facilities team.

Designed for use in the toughest of environments, AUR2 Rapid Water™ is manufactured entirely from marine-grade stainless steel and features a brass-bodied solenoid and removable anti-lime scale aerator giving it extreme durability, while its ultra-low flow rates will reduce your water bill.



Conference/exhibition centers

Few restrooms are as busy as those within conference centers. AUR2 Rapid Water™ is built for demanding locations and will not wear and tarnish over time like brass lacquered alternatives.



AUR2 Rapid Water™ is proven to improve restroom perception in education settings, which results in better treatment by children and less maintenance.


Transportation hubs

No facility has a greater responsibility towards preventing the spread of bacteria than transportation hubs such as airports & train stations. Few facilities are as demanding of the restroom equipment, making AUR2 Rapid Water™ the ideal choice.



AUR2 Rapid Water™ pairs with AUR2 Rapid Soap™ perfectly, making an ideal pairing in office facilities, design studios, and shared spaces where a trip to the restroom can leave a lasting impression on your clients and impact your brand perception. 


Museums, libraries & monuments

AUR2 Rapid Water™ is designed to compliment the aesthetics of your restroom without compromising on smart technology. AUR2 Rapid Water™ provides a safer more improved user experience for customers visiting your attraction.


cleaning schedules

Develop efficient cleaning schedules

Monitor restroom usage online to develop the most efficient cleaning schedule possible.


Perform predictive, not reactive maintenance

Products require maintenance through use, and not all sinks are used evenly. Monitor usage to perform predictive, not reactive maintenance.


Internet security and feature upgrades

Our products and cloud-based software achieve the highest level of security, making them safe for use even within high security locations such as airports.


Online Portal

No need for special software, operating system requirements, or annoying updates. Our cloud-based software works anywhere on any device and is constantly updating with new features.


Legionella Monitoring

By constantly monitoring the temperature of your standing water and also the time between product activations, AUR2 Rapid Water™ supports your Legionella risk assessment by displaying information online, automatically flushing lines, and emailing service teams as risks occur.


tap-Deck_iso - 3 colours 2500x2500-2.png

The last faucet you’ll ever need to buy

Manufactured in the UK and made entirely from marine grade stainless steel, the AUR2 Rapid Water™ faucet is corrosion resistant with no chrome plating or lacquer that can wear over time.

An optional PVD coating is available, allowing you to style the product in a range of colors and forming an ultra hard skin that is scratch resistant, even to metal scourers.

Built to last a lifetime, every aspect of the dispenser has been considered and designed to meet the needs of hard wearing commercial locations.

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Protecting you from Legionella

All commercial facilities with restrooms have a responsibility to perform a regular Legionella risk assessment, to protect both their customers and staff.

Legionella is a bacteria that can colonize rapidly in stagnant water conditions between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius. Faucets and showers that lie unused for days can cause Legionella to spread through your plumbing unless conditions are presented that prevent its progress.

Part of any Legionella risk assessment is to check the temperature of water at the point of exit, i.e. the faucet or shower head, to ensure the temperature is within the ‘safe range’ and also to activate all faucets regularly to ensure they don't stagnate for a prolonged period of time.

AUR2 Rapid Water™ automates this process by monitoring temperature and use every 15 minutes. If AUR2 Rapid Water™ detects conditions suited to Legionella, it will automatically run the faucet with an aim to regulate temperatures and prevent dead legs.


The smartest faucet ever?

Connect AUR2 Rapid Water™ to the internet and instantly convert your restroom into a smart restroom. Provide your facilities team with unique insights into restroom statistics allowing cleaning teams to identify where and when they are needed.

Monitor consumable levels, which sinks are favored by guests, when your restrooms are busiest, how many people wash their hands after flushing the toilet, and much more.

AUR2 Rapid Water™ enables facilities management companies to distribute staff more effectively with an aim to improve customer experiences, reduce complaints, increase efficiencies, and save time and money.

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Reduce your flow rates and save money

Save water by regulating your flow rate down to .5gpm with a choice of aerators to suit your facility. Shape your water streams, reduce splashing, and manage lime-scale.

All aerators are easily removable for service and maintenance. For locations that suffer from debris in the water supply, an anti-blocking version is available that releases built up debris between washes.

Installation to suit your restroom

AUR2 Rapid Water™ can be retrofitted into a wide range of restrooms.

Both wall and counter mounted variations are available and secured with a simple threaded stem and nut attachment. 

Wall mounted


Counter mounted

Inquire about AUR2 Rapid Water


Power Supply 110 - 240 Vac / 50 - 60 Hz (UL Approved)
Operative Voltage 12 Vdc
Maximum Load  ≈ 7 W / 600 mA
Weight (not including reservoir) ≈ 1 kg
Inlet Temperature 0 - 100 °C 
Operating Pressure 0.3 - 16 bar (Normally closed solenoid)
Available Flow Rates 2.0 - 15 l/min (0.5 - 1.75gpm)
Sensor Range 50 - 250mm Range (Preset to 50mm)
Internet Connectivity Online device: Please contact for details
Data Collected Please contact for details
Data Analysis

Please contact for details


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